Artistic Residency

Chuzkos & Lakomuna | Cuenca, Ecuador | 2016

Lakomuna is an art collective that generates and implements collaborative artistic projects inspired by local Ecuadorian society and cultural activities in the city of Cuenca. The collective hosts residencies inviting creatives to combine talents and develop new initiatives while residing in a the communal house.

During our residency we developed a new brand image for the collective, including a logo and marketing material with a dynamic visual language. We then created new material for their social media profiles, posts and future campaigns.

Photos: Chuzkos & Lakomuna
Designs: Chuzkos

We also supported the group by covering one of their local events in Cajascampa, posting and sharing it on Faccion and other platforms we have access to. The event consisted of different creative collectives who came together and occupied the streets of Cuenca. They used art, dance, music and other creative expressions as a form artistic resistance against the unsustainable exploitation of gold, silver, copper and other minerals contaminating the water reserves in nearby villages and cities.