Iruntrar Pujustin

Chuzkos & Comunidad Chinimp | Chinimpi, Ecuador | 2016

The Shuar of Chinimp, is an indigenous community residing less than 10 km from Palora in the province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador.

Their culture is abundant in unique traditions, fascinating stories, ancient practices and knowledge of the vast Amazonian fauna and flora. Unfortunately however, the culture is being lost, which is why we collaborated with one of the local ambassadors of the Shuar culture, to co-create a project that could contribute to the preservation and strengthening of their culture.

We teamed up natural leader Camilo, to created Iruntrar Pujustin (“Collective life” in the Shuar language), a project based on collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The project is based on three programs: Skills Exchange, Work Exchange & Cultural Exchange. We developed the program to invite outsiders to not only visit the small tribe, but to partake and contribute to the community while learning about their culture. A communication strategy was created to connect with like-minded people who are curious, passionate and believe in communal living.

We then designed and produced visual content including graphic design, content creation and photos to showcase the experiences they had to offer. To further expand their project and contribute to their existing Couchsurfing and Facebook pages, we coordinated workshops and created graphics. We also collaborated with Ben Moss (United States) and gave creative workshops in the local school, which focused on creativity, strategy, teamwork and the power of communication.

Photos and Designs: Chuzkos