Chuzkos & Ciudad Móvil | Cartagena de Indias, Colombia | 2017

We all have the right to decent and adequate housing, this is a law recognized by our universal legal system, but when these laws are ignored, it is our most vulnerable social classes who are left Invisible.

This is evident when just 30 minutes from the beautiful center of Cartagena, one can find children living under bridges, homeless families illegally being relocated by the government and basic human rights being violated on a regular basis. Families are left powerless and are forced into situations where their children are constantly surrounded by violence, prostitution and drugs. The worst part is, this phenomenon occurs not only in Colombia, but is found across Latin America, if only we payed a little attention.

FPhotos & Designs: Chuzkos

After the Cápsulas de realidad – Intervention, we took part in a creative residency at Ciudad Móvil Centro Cultural where we began to explore and discuss these and related issues. We then coordinated a multidimensional project that consisted of an event with an open dialogue, a photographic exhibition and an art installation. We used these platforms to showcase work from Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, with the intention of igniting conversations, raising awareness and inspiring people to acknowledge those communities in need.

We also interviewed Rafael Vergara Navarro, a well-known environmentalist and activist form Cartagena, who shared his opinion on the social and environmental impact the housing problem has on societies.