Cápsulas de realidad

Chuzkos, Teléfono Roto & Casa Fractal |Cali, Colombia | 2016

We strive towards a world where all human rights are equally respected and everyone has access to basic resources. Until this day has come, we can not be free.

We took part in an art residency & joined forces with Colectivo Telefono Roto (Cali) & Casa Fractal to create Cápsulas de realidad, an interactive and dynamic project that raises awareness about social and environmental problems related to public spaces being occupied by the homeless, the right to housing, relocation, and the fragmentation of society. The project focuses on cultural management and social, independent activism, highlighting the link between visual anthropology and urban intervention.

We wanted to capture and highlight these social realities that we as a society so often ignore. We took to the streets, printing large-scale photos that would capture the despair and injustice so many Latin Americans face every day, and posted them in the middle class, trendy suburbs around the center.

By using public spaces as alternative communication platforms, we wanted to raise awareness, encourage collective reflection and invite people to participate in their communities. We continued exploring this theme and supporting this cause in Cartagena, with our next project, Invisible.

After our residency at Casa Fractal, we collaborated with WAT Visual Projects in Bogotá, Colombia to create the video INVISIBLE – CHZKS, capturing the intervention we did in Cali. It has been a year since our intervention, and you can still see our pictures on the streets today.

Photos: Chuzkos, Teléfono Roto & Casa Fractal
Video: Leo de la Parca
Editing: WAT Proyectos Visuales

Cápsulas de realidad