I am a documentary photographer who graduate from Centro de la Imagen, Lima, Peru. I believe in the power of photography, and its potential to change and expand our vision. I am passionate about cultural festivals, documentary photography, visual anthropology and social problems. I have collaborated with different Peruvian media, and my work has been published in magazines in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Italy, England, Portugal and Peru. I also participated in the Offside Brazil project for MAGNUM photos Agency (USA) in 2014 in collaboration with Midia NINJA (Brazil).

South Africa


I’m a multi-disciplined marketing strategist, graphic / web designer, brand enthusiast, social entrepreneur and lover of all thing design related. I believe in the power of co-creation, interaction and true engagement. I love creating projects and campaigns that visually present ideas and connect people across multiple cultures, spaces and platforms. I am especially passionate about creative strategies, alternative communication platforms, community projects, working with small and medium-sized companies and contributing to creative initiatives based on social entrepreneurship.